Sumner’s Remarkable Sale of 9-11 Wugan Street, Yerriyong (Nowra)

Sumner’s Remarkable Sale of 9-11 Wugan Street, Yerriyong (Nowra)

In the world of real estate, success stories aren’t just transactions – they’re journeys of innovation and strategic brilliance. Today, we invite you to step into a remarkable story of accomplishment as we proudly unveil our latest success.

At Sumner, we’ve always believed in the power of strategic investments. And with 9-11 Wugan Street, Yerriyong, we found a gem right in the heart of Nowra, strategically positioned between Nowra CBD and HMAS Albatross. 

The journey commenced with a tender campaign that sparked enthusiasm across the real estate landscape. The property attracted over 100 inquiries and garnered a jaw-dropping number of over 3,000 listing views. This widespread interest indicated that Sumner had discovered a unique opportunity, one that had captured the attention of industry experts.

The passing yield is a beacon, guiding investors toward the most promising opportunities. The property has achieved a spectacular 6.75% passing yield and was sold for an impressive A$13.25 million. It’s a number that makes us proud, as it signifies our ability to turn potential into profit.

Sumner’s sale of 9-11 Wugan Street, Yerriyong, is not just a transaction – it’s a narrative of innovation, strategy, and unwavering dedication. It’s a reminder that with the right approach, opportunities can be transformed into resounding success. 

We believe that success is best celebrated when shared with a community of enthusiasts. We invite you to join the conversation by visiting our LinkedIn post here. Share your thoughts and insights, and be a part of the dialogue that’s shaping the real estate landscape.

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